Epilepsy Training for Schools & Careers

Epilepsy Training for Schools & Careers

Course summary

This Epilepsy Training for Schools & Carers Course has been written for anyone who cares for children with epilepsy. It’s ideal for those who work in schools, as well as parents, guardians, youth workers and childminders. It explains the different types of epilepsy and what to do if a child is having a seizure. It’s also IIRSM approved & CPD accredited for your reassurance.

Epilepsy Training for Schools & Careers

Course content

This course is made up of five sections:

  1. The Background of Epilepsy
  2. Types of Epileptic Seizures
  3. Triggers and Treatment
  4. Your Responsibilities
  5. How Epilepsy Affects Education and Wellbeing

Course length

Approvals & Accreditations

  • IIRSM & Skills for Care

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