Norris Waste Management is an established waste management company, with facilities in Greenwich, Brixton, and Orpington. They have been serving the construction industry, local communities, and businesses for over 40 years.

A long term relationship built on trust

Our consultants have been working with Norris since September 2013. As a fast growing, family-run business, our relationship with them spans across their workforce from Managing Director, Peter Norris and Operations Manager, Gavin Norris, Health and Safety Manager, Ian Packer right through to their Yard Managers, Drivers and Office teams.

Working in partnership with senior management over a long period of time has enabled us to support, change and improve Norris’ Health and Safety record. Having the ability to influence at this level has had a tangible impact on the company’s cultural attitude towards Health and Safety.

Our range of consultancy services include the creation of a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy and Training Programme. We have also aided in completing Risk Assessments across all their waste management facilities, devised Traffic Management Plans, implemented Lock Out and Tag Out Systems and helped achieve SSIP Accreditations.

In our capacity as a Competent Source of Advice, we offer ongoing weekly support to the Norris team, monthly site inspections, annual audits, and investigations.

During this time, we have successfully nurtured a relationship with the HSE during the focus on waste industry safety. Norris Waste Management are a great example of what good Health and Safety in this sector looks like..

Since partnering with Complisafe, Norris Waste Management have noticeably improved their working environment and attitudes to Health and Safety within their multinational workforce, enhancing their productivity. They have successfully achieved Safe Contractor Accreditation and ensured CDM compliance for the development of their sites.

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