Workplace Risk Assessments

What is a Workplace Risk Assessment?

Workplace Risk Assessment

A Workplace Risk Assessment looks at significant hazards in the workplace or specific activity being assessed, and determines the control measures required to reduce those risks so far as is reasonably practicable.

Why do you need it?

Workplace risk assessments are key in identifying hazards, who is at risk, what injuries or ill health could be sustained, what you are doing to control hazards and what else you need to do to further reduce risks. We often say that risk assessment is at the heart of good health and safety management. Risk Assessments are of course a legal requirement and some areas need further specific risk assessments but by getting Complisafe in to produce your workplace risk assessment you will have a great starting point in your journey of compliance.

How do we deliver it?

We visit you at your workplace to gain a clear understanding of your business and how it works so we can engage with you about hazards and assess how these are being managed. As part of the visit we will tour your premises, speak to employees and ask questions about training, contractors, work equipment, hazardous substances, work stations, machinery, first aid, fire, lone working, electricity and any other hazards that exist in your environment. You will receive a fully documented and easy to understand risk assessment that clearly documents what you do and where you need to take action to further reduce risk

Do you need help with Workplace Risk Assessments?

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