Health & Safety Audits

What is a Health & Safety Audit?

The HSE defines audits as “The collection of independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the total health and safety management system and drawing up plans for corrective action”. Audits are often confused with inspections and risk assessments which are not the same thing.

Why do you need it?

Health and Safety Audits are one method of monitoring health and safety performance, a good audit will get into the good, the bad and the ugly and highlight where improvement needs to happen. Audits are needed as part of the “check” element of Plan, Do, Check, Act approach supported by the HSE. Health and Safety Audits can show what you are also doing well and can often be very positive and comforting for management. Health and Safety Audits are needed to comply with Health and Safety Polices, to verify that systems are working and aid with gaining accreditations and demonstrating to clients that you have a total system that is effective.

How do we deliver it?

Our Health and Safety Audits are carried out in person by using a number of approaches to gauge a true reflection on where your business is, in terms of compliance. We will audit against your existing arrangements and procedures, policies, industry standards and current legislative requirements. We will need to speak to a selection of employees at varying levels, including leadership, through short interviews. We will review documentation including assessments, policies, training records, checks, tests and inspections and most importantly how we will want to see how health and safety works by looking at premises, activities and behaviours. The Audit is then presented back to you along with an action plan that has clear priorities for you to take away and action.

Do you need help with Health & Safety Audits?

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Complisafe Helps Paack

When Paack arrived in the UK a management audit of health and safety was completed and Complisafe continue to work with them.
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