Health & Safety Accreditations

What are Health & Safety Accreditations?


Accreditations can take many forms and can be industry specific or just health and safety specific. You may be looking at one of the “Safety Schemes in Procurement” accreditations such as CHAS or Safe contractor that are designed to question your policies, systems, assessments, training, inspections, audits, contractor management, insurances and compliance with health and safety legislation. They are looking for active and ongoing evidence not just words and blank templates.

Why do you need them?

Accreditations demonstrate that your organisation has the skills, knowledge, training and capability in health and safety so that your clients can see you take health and safety seriously and take a proactive approach to reducing risk. Health and Safety accreditations can be used to showcase your efforts and approach, to help win business over competitors, to open up opportunities to work with more clients and bigger more profitable projects. Some employers make it part of any tendering process that you must hold a recognised health and safety accreditation by a third party just to apply.

How do we deliver it?

Our approach is very simple, whether this is something that is completely new or something that you have done before, but then the goal posts seem to have widened. We need to speak to you first, so we can inform you of what is needed and how this needs to be evidenced. If you have already applied we ask you to fill out as much as possible so we can then review the suitability of what has been completed and identify gaps. If you have simply got stuck we can support you with forms and templates and the required responses and help imbed this into your organisations operations so you can meet the standards.

Do you need help with Health & Safety Accreditations?

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