In Person Training

What is In Person Training?


This is bespoke training configured for you by our trainers. It can be the traditional topics such as Fire Warden, Directors and Leadership, Construction Design Management, Risk Assessment, Asbestos, COSHH, Work at Height etc but with a Complisafe twist to ensure the sessions are relevant and most importantly fun and engaging.

Why do you need it?

Knowledge and ability can be gained in many ways, we don’t want people to learn the hard way through accidents, incidents, prosecutions and civil claims so by bringing health and safety to life in our sessions we can be proactive and preventative without scaremongering and fear.

How do we deliver it?

We can deliver training face to face in large or small groups, we can also utilise online systems such as teams and zoom. All sessions involve interaction, input and participation by attendees and can include practical situational scenarios, breakout exercises and use of the workplace environment where necessary. We deliver most sessions in a half day to ensure attention is maintained, time efficient and to avoid information overload, we utilise various tools including presentations by our trainers as well as videos and practical exercises.

Do you need help with In Person Training?

Contact us by phone  0333 577 2700 or fill in our contact form to get a call back to discuss how we can help.

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