Health & Safety Inspections

What is a Health & Safety Inspection?


Our Health and Safety Inspections are a “moment in time” monitoring process conducted by our health and safety consultants. We are looking for existing and potential hazards as well as coaching and mentoring people in the process. We identify solutions that are practical and effective so we are not just identifying problems. Where good management, controls and behaviour are identified these are also documented in the inspection.

Why do you need it?

The monitoring and review of preventative and protective measures is a requirement of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations for which routine workplace health and safety inspections are to be conducted to check that such measures are in place and effective. Inspections demonstrate that a proactive approach is being taken to health and safety and that actual performance is being monitored. Health and Safety inspections are needed for accreditations, client contractual obligations, management systems but most of all to prevent injury and ill health.

How do we deliver it?

Our health and safety inspections are carried out by our skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and competent health and safety consultants. Inspections start with a brief meet and catch up with the manager or supervisor and where relevant a review of the outstanding items from the last inspection.

We will inspect the site/premises/environment as well as observing work in progress and activities taking place at the time, we will engage with workers and where required ask for any unsafe activities or tasks to be stopped to prevent injury or ill health. We will also check documentation, competencies, risk assessments and methods of work that are appropriate for that inspection. We will also discuss future planned works before summarising the inspection with the manager/supervisor. A written inspection report is then provided with an action plan.

Do you need help with Health & Safety Inspections?

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