Display Screen Equipment Training and Risk Assessment

This is important and very simple to manage if you have the right tools!

Our online DSE training module is engaging and informative, it can be completed on any device, but we prefer you to use a desktop PC or laptop so you can make adjustments as you go!

It’s all about improving posture, comfort and the working day. It helps you to get to know yourself when it comes to getting your set up just right so you can be productive and comfortable at work.

More about our on line training portal:

What is it?

With more flexible working arrangements it’s a great way of getting people trained efficiently online. Our training offers engaging, interactive, person presented training with questions, tests and certification with the majority only taking forty minutes to complete. We also provide your team or team members with an admin portal so you can see who has or has not started or completed the training, send reminders, access certificates and allocate training to users. This also includes simple branding and gives you control over your training and reporting. Alternatively you can simply ask us to manager this for you if you only have small numbers requiring training. The quality of our training system is something we have 100% confidence in and it can be trialled before you commit so you can see for yourself.

Why do you need it?

One of the key areas of Health and Safety for employers is the provision to employees of health and safety information, instruction and training. It’s very important that this knowledge is absorbed and remembered and our training courses are engaging and easy to follow to ensure a great learning experience is had. Our training gives you confidence that employees have been given awareness training and that they have understood this information by being tested on the training module and then issued a certificate.

Training is also a legal requirement and whilst online training is not suitable for certain subjects and certification, it’s great for awareness and reaching staff wherever they are and whatever device they are using.

How does it work?

Get in contact and we will set you up with a free trial so you can see for yourself! We can then discuss how you want the system to work in terms of administration, the courses you need and how many. We can administer the training portal on your behalf providing updates and reports on request or we can train you on how to operate the portal yourself giving you control and management of training.

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