Duty to Manage Asbestos in Buildings (Free Webinar)

Free webinar! Duty to manage asbestos in buildings: The law, the risk to health and how to safely manage asbestos

HSE ran this free webinar on 15 May 2024. If you missed it, you haven’t missed out; the webinar was recorded and can be watched again by registering here.

Duty to manage asbestos in buildings: The law, the risk to health and how to safely manage asbestos (wbmwebinars.com)

Dutyholders have a legal obligation to manage asbestos in buildings. A dutyholder could be the building owner, landlord for the premises or person or organisation with clear responsibility for the building’s maintenance or repair.

In this webinar, HSE experts will direct you to relevant legislation, highlight where asbestos is likely to be found and explain why it is dangerous. We’ll take you through the process of carrying out an effective asbestos risk assessment and how to complete an asbestos management plan.

We’ll also provide you with basic guidance to help you to protect yourself and others from the risks that arise from asbestos exposure and signpost you to HSE guidance and resources that are available to help you comply with your legal obligations.


HSE PresenterTopic
Chris Austin, Head of TrainingChris welcomes you to this insightful and valuable online seminar.
Moya Woolley, Asbestos Policy Team LeaderThe significance of Asbestos as a key health risk to our workers.HSE has launched a Duty to Manage Asbestos campaign across Great Britain for those that have the legal duty to manage Asbestos in a building. The campaign raises awareness of the Control of Asbestos Regulations and offers guidance to help dutyholders achieve compliance and reduce risk.
Martin Saunders, Senior ScientistThe Danger that Asbestos poses in the workplace.Asbestos is the greatest cause of work-related deaths in Great Britain. Around 5,000 people die every year from asbestos-related diseases which typically take decades to develop and cannot be cured. Martin will talk through the health effects, who is most at risk and the typical failure points that can cause harm.
Sam Lord, HM Principal Specialist InspectorWhat happens during an inspection?An inspection will start with a desk-based review of documentation including any Asbestos surveys, your Asbestos Register and your Asbestos Management Plan. Sam will present how to use these three documents effectively in your management arrangements and share templates for each.
Martin Saunders and Chris AustinMore guidance and solutions are available from HSE.The HSE one-day ‘Asbestos Management in Buildings’ training course provides information about the responsibilities of dutyholders, asbestos legislation and guidance. Martin and Chris will share real-life snippets from the curriculum. Key publications from HSE include ‘Asbestos Essentials;’ a book of task sheets, with over one hundred full colour photos and illustrations, to describe ‘good practice’ and cover the action needed. The new ‘Where Asbestos Hides’ posters make it easy to share HSE guidance with workers.
Chris AustinQ&A

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