Fire Safety in Construction (HSG168) revised

The HSE has published a revised version of the publication Fire safety in construction (HSG168).

This latest (third) edition contains guidance explaining the need to eliminate, and or mitigate fire risks during the design phase (where practicable), how to prevent site fires from starting and ensuring people’s safety if they do.

It is aimed at all those involved with construction projects who procure, design, develop and manage construction sites, including clients and designers.

Fires can take place on construction sites

At Complisafe we know that each year 100’s of fires take place on construction sites, not only putting workers at risk but also the public.

The guidance does not refer to the Grenfell Tower fire as it did not occur while the building was being renovated or constructed.

The focus is on the key area of Fire Risk Assessment, which follows the normal five steps of risk assessment and should be the foundation for all the fire precautions on site.

The five steps to undertake a fire risk assessment. (Source: HSE)

Fires precautions that should made

Fire precautions around ignition sources, fuel sources, procedures, methods and materials and high rise buildings are all detailed including:

  • Smoking
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Hot works
  • Electrical Installations
  • Arson and Site Security
  • Batteries
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Bitumen Boilers
  • Heating
  • Oxy-fuel cutting
  • … and more – this list is not exhaustive!

We cannot emphasise enough the need for the entire pre construction team to consider and focus on fire safety during the construction phase as well as for the end users. Measures that we mostly find in good existing buildings will have features that may not yet be in place in the construction phase such as: smoke and heat detection, fire doors, sprinkler systems, protected routes, emergency lighting, emergency escape routes etc.

Please get in touch to talk to us about fire safety for your construction project and what pragmatic actions can be taken to protect people and your project.

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