New advice from the HSE…employers must carry out an individual risk assessment for new mothers and pregnant workers

The HSE’s advice has changed and you must carry out an individual risk assessment for new mothers and pregnant workers

There will be little practical change as you must already consider risks to women of childbearing age in your general risk assessment. The difference is that you must also carry out an individual risk assessment that covers a worker’s specific needs when they inform you in writing that they:

  • are pregnant
  • have given birth in the last 6 months, or
  • are breastfeeding

The updated webpages provide advice on talking to workers, and protecting them from common risks like working at height and lifting heavy loads. You can find guidance on rest and breastfeeding at work, as well as details of when pregnant workers and new mothers can work at night.

There is dedicated advice for workers themselves.

The HSE also have a video with practical advice on how to keep pregnant workers and new mothers safe. 

Our consultants have been carrying out these new and expectant mother risk assessments for many years as we believe that a personal assessment is essential to getting this right. This more formal change is welcomed by Complisafe.

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