Training for Directors and Senior Executives

At Complisafe Health and Safety Consultants we often get asked to provide training for Directors, Senior Executives and Leaders. The drivers behind this are plentiful including recognition of responsibilities, corporate governance, protection of people, enforcing authority intervention, accidents, near misses, claims, prosecutions, insurance, brand, business continuity and even fear.

In the Health and Safety world these are often summarised as Moral, Legal and Financial reasons.

The HSE and Institute of Directors published Leading Health and Safety at Work some years ago (2013) that details actions for Directors, Board Members, Business Owners and Organisations of all sizes.

The document provides an outline of the essential principles for leaders, benefits, costs, legal responsibilities, Plan Do Act Check model, when it goes wrong and a useful checklist.

Complisafe provide bespoke training on these principles and the practical implementation within your organisation to bring this subject alive in a proportionate and beneficial way.

The energised session is engaging and punchy with interaction and challenge.

The session includes:

  • Why bother with Health and Safety?
  • Policy and commitment – tick box?
  • Organisation and Responsibilities – who and what – throughout the organisation
  • Key legislation explained – reasonably practicable?
  • Civil and Criminal Liability – how does it work?
  • Sentencing Guidelines / Corporate Manslaughter
  • Statistics – what do the numbers say?
  • Accidents and Incidents
  • Risk Assessment, Inspections and Audits – what do we do with them?
  • Setting goals

Throughout the course industry specific topics and examples will be discussed and delegates are invited to challenge Health and Safety and the knowledge and experience of the trainer.

The course is based on a half day session and can be delivered at one of our training facilities via teams or at your place of work.

If you would like to discuss bespoke training with us please do get in touch for a confidential consultation.

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