Health & Safety for Construction

Health & Safety in Construction

Our experience

Our main services in the construction industry focus on providing advice, support, policies, inspections, construction phase plans, training, auditing and accreditations.

Our knowledge and experience of CDM and related duty holder requirements means that we can advise and support Clients, Principal Designers, Principal Contractors, Designers and Contractors in achieving compliance with CDM and Health and Safety.


We will provide you with clear independent advice on what your duties are and how to carefully select and appoint designers and contractors. We will guide you though the information you need to assemble and provide, the checks and monitoring that are needed and ultimately help you achieve your goals and ambitions with regards to your project in a safe and healthy manner.

Principal Designers

We are able to guide and coach you on your role within CDM so that you fulfil the role of Principal Designer successfully. Whether this is assembling pre construction information, holding design team meetings, assessing the skills, knowledge and experience of designers you engage, pulling together and logging of design risks in the pre construction phase or putting together the structure for a Health and Safety File.

Principal Contractors

Planning, Managing and Coordinating Construction Projects as a Principal Contractor is certainly a challenging task. We will help you with producing the construction phase plan, site set up, risk assessment, fire risk assessment, training, inspecting your sites, assessing your contractors and reviewing RAMS.


Designers often get a hard time when it comes to Health and Safety, but the requirements, once broken down, are quite simple to understand. We will act as your CDM advisors, help with design risk reviews, train architects on their duties and assist with achieving SSIP accreditations.


The fast pace of the industry means that contractors need fast and reliable support and will support them in winning and retaining work through managing Health and Safety successfully.

We will provide you with your competent source of advice, health and safety policy, accreditation support, training and regular site inspections.

Health & Safety in Construction

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