Online Training Courses

All of our online training courses include full support and free access to our Learning Management System (LMS) where administrators/managers can view training activity, download reports, print certificates and enrol users.

Health & Safety Courses

Health & Safety

Abrasive Wheels

This Abrasive Wheel Safety Training provides the knowledge you need to keep yourself and others safe during the handling, operation, and maintenance of Abrasive Wheels.

Health & Safety

Accident Reporting

Good accident reporting can help to increase safety at work and this programme is an essential guide, explaining what should be reported and why.

HR Compliance Courses


Assessing Mental Capacity

This Assessing Mental Capacity training course guides you through the process of assessing a person’s mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.


Communication in Care Training (Standard 6 Care Certificate)

Our CPD Accredited Communication in Care Training course works alongside Standard 6 of the Care Certificate and provides information about why it is important for Care Workers to understand the importance of effective communication in a care setting.

Business Compliance Courses

Business Compliance

Anti Money-Laundering Training

This Anti-Money Laundering training course aims to increase awareness about money laundering and the laws, regulations and employee responsibilities surrounding it.

Business Compliance

Anti-Bribery Training

This Anti-Bribery Training programme has been designed to be used by anyone who could be exposed to bribery and/or corruption.

Soft Skills Courses

Leisure and Entertainment

Anger Management Training

Anger is an emotion that everyone will experience from time to time but with the correct training and discipline, you can easily learn to control your anger.

Leisure and Entertainment

Communication Skills Training

This bitesize (10-minute) online Communication Skills Training course helps staff build on their existing communication skills by providing guidance on initiating and responding to various forms of communication.

Leisure and Entertainment

Confidence Building Training

This bitesize (10-minute) online Confidence Building Training course is designed for all levels of employees and aims to help the user understand the effect confidence can have in the workplace and in their personal lives, whilst also providing them with the tools to begin improving their own confidence.

Leisure and Entertainment

Critical Thinking Training

This bitesize (10-minute) Critical Thinking Training course has been designed to help staff use basic logical tools to analyse problems and come up with “outside the box” solutions.

Management Courses


GDPR UK Advanced (Management) Training

This advanced training is for employees who not only need to know about their duties and responsibilities under the GDPR in the UK, but for those who are enforcing, or managing data protection in their workplace.


Health & Safety for Managers

Our Health and Safety Training for Managers and Supervisors is an easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand guide for employers and managers who have a responsibility for health and safety.

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